Every person would have lot many financial commitments and on top of that it is quite obvious that the personal needs could never be considered as top priority when it comes to fulfilling certain needs of the family members. Sometimes, the wishes of the family members is also considered to be of high priority than buying the safety equipment and accessories for self. The safety equipment and accessories are considered to be important for any person as they would be able to work comfortably and hence the productivity would be more thus giving the person more earning capacity.

If one does not realize this, then to increase the productivity of your employees you may plan to give them the best work boots today than to give them the bonus which they may use it up in just couple of days. They may not think about buying the boots that are very much useful to them on a daily basis. Hence, you should take this initiative of giving them the boots in spite of bonus for just one year and then the rest all years you could give them the direct bonus. Of course, if someone already have the boots then you have to let them prove this to you so that they get the cash bonus directly to hand and thus could plan something different for themselves or for the family.

Making the rules is good but letting the employees meet them in the best way possible is very important. If not bonus you could at least let them buy wherein you provide the finance in terms of cutting some amount from their salary every month until the total amount that is spent by them on the boots is cleared. This way you could ensure safety of the employees in an easy way.