Details of students are the biggest assets for all schools. The management of all schools is trying to keep the data secure and ready to use every time. With the manual database management system, it does not become possible. In the manual system, there are lots of issues are appearing. Updating the information in the manual system is almost impossible. Use of APDM makes all these things and management easier. The users are required to focus on different types of factors related to the website and its services.

Many individuals are asking that the use of this source is completely safe or not. If you are wondering with a similar question, then its answer is yes. It is completely safe. All users have their userID and password. Without them, no one can access their account. They need to keep these details hidden from everyone.

Important details

The password is the most important thing regarding the account log in. The individuals those have userID and password they can access students data from apdm easily. It is the biggest reason that’s why the system is providing these confidential details to one responsible individual. Following are important instructions –

  • According to the system, the school admin should change the password after their first account logs They are giving this particular advice due to some major security reasons.
  • In case you are facing any issue in performing activities then you can take help from the system. It provides proper guidance which can help you in avoiding all issues and performing activities easily.

The system provides these details only to the admin of the school. With it, the system also warns related to its sharing details. According to them, no one should share these things with anyone even not with school teachers.